A chocolate for you… Noiz


Written by: Chiral-kun
Original Scenario: Kabura Fuchii
Illustration: Honyarara
Translations: Goldpanner
Copyrighted by Nitro+CHiRAL. No profits are gained from these unofficial fan translations. 


While Noiz was hospitalised, I went in nearly every day to look after him.

This happened on one of those days.

That day, just like every day, I was sitting in the chair by the bed that had basically become my home.

With both lunch and the doctor’s rounds over for the day, Noiz was spending a leisurely afternoon reclining against the pillows propping him up and reading magazines.

Just as I thought I might peel some fruit for him or something, something sitting on the bedside table suddenly caught my eye.

“Hey. I’ve been wondering.”

Noiz looked up from his magazine at my question.


“Did someone leave that here or something?”

It was a pale pink oblong-shaped box, and it had been sitting on the table untouched for the past few days as though someone had left it there and forgotten about it. I hadn’t noticed when it had first been left there, but since it was there in my sight every time I came, I had become curious.

“Oh, that. Open it and see.”

“Is that really okay?”

“Yeah,” came Noiz’s uninterested reply. So, still thinking it really was just something someone left behind, I opened the box to see.

Inside were neat rows of heart-shaped chocolates. What’s more, they looked top quality. I thought maybe they hadn’t been forgotten about after all, and it was just that they were too good to eat.

“Hey, it’s chocolate. Who’d you get these from?”

“Yeah, a nurse left that here.”

When I thought about it, among Noiz’s nurses there was that one who was always hyper and flustered as hell…

Yeah, I could work it out.

“Is that why you’ve been keeping it here, then? You’re treasuring it? It does look expensive.”

“No,” said Noiz, with a slight shake of his head. “I don’t like it all that much.”



“You hate chocolate?”

“I dunno about hate…,” Noiz began, then stopped, glancing away as though considering it a little. “It’s not like I can’t eat it, so no. I don’t hate it. I guess it’s just that weird tradition turned me off it.”

“Weird tradition?”


Valentine’s. I was bewildered at the sudden appearance of that word.

“Valentine’s Day turned you off chocolate? Why?”

“Well, over here, women give chocolate to men, right.”


When he said ‘over here’, it reminded me. Women do give men chocolate here in Japan, but… Noiz wasn’t originally from Japan, was he.

“Did something bad happen?”

“I used to get so much that it turned into torture-by-chocolate.”


As a guy myself, at face value, hearing that made me feel a little shitty. I did know, though, that he wasn’t trying to brag here, he was just telling the truth.

“What, you mean you got so much you started hating it?”

“There was that, but also lots of the chocolates had weird shit hiding inside them.”

“Weird shit?”

“Like hair…”




“And underwear.”


How the hell would that even work!? I was floored by the absurd idea. But then, I realised it was possible he wasn’t actually talking about little chocolates, but ones big enough to fit underwear inside…

“At first I’d go on and open them, but I got more and more put off until I couldn’t do it any more. Ever since then I haven’t really felt like eating chocolate.”


I’d definitely heard of that sort of thing before. Obsessive people mixing something that came from their own body into chocolates for someone, maybe as some sort of good luck charm or something. But I thought that was just a tall-tale, or at least something that would never have anything to do with me. Hearing it as the personal experience of someone close to me, it hit me how dreadful it was…

“That might have just put me off chocolate too… Your life sure is dramatic…”

“In that it’s a hassle, yeah. There is one way I can get over the chocolate thing, though,” Noiz said as he leaned towards me, bringing his face close to mine. The corners of his narrow lips pulled into a little grin. “I’d be fine with eating ones you made.”

“Huh?” I asked automatically, not understanding. “What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. I’d eat the chocolate you made. You could put anything in it and I’d eat it. No matter what.”


“Even if you felt like dropping some blood in there for me, bring out something subtle on the palate.”

“I wouldn’t fucking do that!” I scolded, having unwittingly become the straight-man in his stupid act, even as I prickled all over with goosebumps imagining such a thing.

However, Noiz continued as though he had been completely serious.

“Well if you won’t make them, you could easily destroy my perception of being off chocolate. You have your power.”

“I’m not using my power, all right? But you know what, you do have an important reason. Going off chocolate is pretty heartbreaking.”

“So, you gonna make me some?” he asked.

I was at a loss for words. Handmade chocolate…

“Well… I’ve never done it before. But I guess it probably wouldn’t be that hard,” I say, reluctantly.

A happy smile deepened on Noiz’s face.

“Seriously? Then I’ll get you a bouquet of red roses.”

“Roses? Why?”

“Go look it up,” he said, suddenly blowing me off. His tone seemed teasing, though, and I thought that there was probably a reason I should look it up myself. I decided to take it with grace.

“I can’t wait for you to break me,” he said, laying the innuendo on thick, and he reeled me in by the back of my neck and kissed me on the tip of my nose.

…I honestly cannot win against this guy, I thought, ruefully, and dropped a kiss on Noiz’s forehead in return.


[Kōjaku] [Clear] [Mink] [Ren] 


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