Character Introductions and Prologue


Written by: Akira Higashiyama
Original Plan: Masashi Kishimoto
Illustration: Masashi Kishimoto
Translations: Goldpanner
Copyrighted 2012 by M.KISHIMOTO and A.HIGASHIYAMA. No profits are gained from these unofficial fan translations.

-Naruto- Thunderbolt Chronicles:

The Wolf that Howled at the Sun

Character Introductions

Sasuke Uchiha – shinobi of Snake

Itachi Uchiha – shinobi of Akatsuki

Reishi Kodon – doctor of Wolfcry Village

Kina Kodon – Reishi’s younger brother

No light reflects in your eyes,

No voice presses your heart

No road for your way,

Just sadness like that of the wolf

Raging at the world of humans

Is all there is.

Prologue: Vengeance is Over

Something is falling on my face… Rain. When did it start raining?

Black flames are devouring the forest. Amaterasu is staining the trees cinder-black, catching the birds on fire, and roasting a snake.

Why is this shit getting in my eye? What’s this at my feet… Why is Itachi lying there like that?

Questions are whirling through my head.

Why didn’t he take my eyes? Why am I the only one still living? I don’t understand.

The black flames are enveloped in the haze of the rain.

Oh yeah. I summoned this rain. I fired my Fire Style, Great Fireball Jutsu at the sky, and brought a thundercloud.

Go out with the thunder…

That’s what I told Itachi. I meant for that to be the last thing I said to him. With that one strike, that one shot dragged from the very last of my chakra, I thought I’d avenged the Uchiha clan.

I thought I was free from vengeance.


Itachi evaded my full-strength Kirin.

You’ve… really grown strong… Sasuke…, Itachi had said through laboured breaths, blood running from his mouth.

Then what?

Oh, that’s right.

Itachi brought out a huge monster… Susano-o. I had nothing left up my sleeve. My chakra was almost all out.

That was when I heard a voice… Orochimaru’s voice.

I’ll lend you power, boy… You need me, don’t you… Sasuke-kun… Weren’t you going to take vengeance on Itachi? Then… let my power free, right this instant… Do that, and you’ll get your wish…

I gave my body over to that voice. Orochimaru came surging out from inside me. I don’t really remember what happened after that. When I came to, Itachi was standing in front of me, all beat up.

Now your eyes are mine, Itachi had said. I’ll take them at my leisure.

The rain is pouring down steadily. Amaterasu is burning down the forest.

I’m looking down at Itachi, fallen. I can still feel his fingers on my forehead.


What just happened?

Itachi had vomited blood. Then what? Susano-o had deflected all of my attacks, so what am I doing still standing here with both my eyes intact?

He’d stretched out his bloodied hand. My knees were shaking like they were going to give way.

Then Itachi murmured something. In that same old gentle voice. And just like old times, he… poked my forehead.

Then he fell. And I’m still standing.

Charged black clouds are closing in.

Under the rain, the blood on Itachi’s hands is coming clean.

It’s over.

There’s no energy left in my body.

It’s over, it’s all over.

With that the only thought in my heart, I collapse by Itachi’s side.

The rain doesn’t look like it’s stopping.

Keep going.

Fall harder.

Please wash everything clean.

Please wipe out this bitterness and this hatred.

In my fading consciousness, Itachi’s last words are the only thing that stay… and don’t disappear.

Continue to Chapter 1: Black Dream


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