19 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Vol 1 Something Strange

  1. Rachel Paquet

    When are you going to translate the rest of the Birth by Sleep novels? I sure hope it’s soon, ’cause I can’t wait to read them!

    • I plan to do the prologue from the first DDD novel, then finish the 4th KH2 novel, then do the next BBS chapter, then alternate chapters between DDD and BBS :) As for when… I have four weeks before I graduate from University, so I am very busy! But I am working on them when I have time, so don’t worry :)

  2. Kacie

    This is a very intriguing read. I can’t wait to read more! I love how it fills in the story with the thoughts of the characters, which the game itself wasn’t too clear about. Keep it up!

  3. oblivionkeeper 23

    Hey, where’s the part where Ventus, Aqua, Terra, and Eraqus have the picnic. I know it’s in the BBS novels but I forgot which chapter it was in.

  4. Nené

    It’s interesting knowing the story from their inner point of view, and I’m really exited to read the next chapters :)
    Will you continue to translate it? Thank you very much for your hard work ;)

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