Episode 4: Phantom Storm


Written by: Kanemaki Tomoco
Original Plan: Nomura Tetsuya and Nojima Kazushige
Illustration: Amano Shiro
Translations: Goldpanner
Copyrighted by Disney, Square Enix and Touchstone Pictures. No profits are gained from these unofficial fan translations.

The gummi ship made its way through the ocean of strange space.

“I’m hungryyyy…” muttered Sora, yawning widely and gazing out at the pitch black ocean.

The gummi ship moved on autopilot unless they got into big trouble, and so there wasn’t really much to do during travel. Also, the view of the ocean of strange space didn’t really change in the most case.

“Gwah! There’s the zongzi Mulan gave us.”

“Zongzi? What’s that?”

Donald produced three lumps wrapped in leaves.

“You eaten these before?” Goofy asked, and Donald shook his head furiously.

Beside Sora’s seat, the three of them stared at the mysterious leafy lumps.

“Do we eat them just like that?”

Sora took one of the lumps, to look at it. It was moist, and heavy in his hand. It looked like there was something wrapped in the leaves.

“These leaves are inedible, aren’t they?”

Goofy also took one from Donald, and stared at it.

“Maybe they’re edible?”

“Mulan wouldn’t give us something weird, you know,” Sora said, nodding, and Donald tilted his head.

“But I wouldn’t be so sure if it was Mushu!”

The three of them cackled at Goofy’s words.

“Let’s unwrap it and see!”

Sora began peeling off the leaves. There was a weird object like a rice ball inside.

“It smells good!” said Donald, as he peered into Sora’s hand.

“Rice… looks like, doesn’t it?”

Goofy nodded, as he too unwrapped the zongzi in his own hand.

“Let’s eat!” Sora bit into the zongzi. “Yuuuum!”

Plump and puffy, there were nuts inside.

“Did Mulan make this herself for us?”

“Looks like it.”

Donald and Goofy also began to chew.

Just then!

“What’s that!” Donald pointed out in front, the zongzi still in his hand.

A huge ship was floating in the ocean of strange space.

The mast of the ship was ragged, looking just like a ghost ship.

“Is it Hook’s ship?”

Sora stuffed the whole zongzi into his mouth, staring out in front.

They’d encountered a mysterious ship in the ocean of strange space just like this before. That time, it had been Hook. He remembered that Kairi and Riku had been inside that ship.

“It could be Jack’s ship!”

Goofy also stuffed his zongzi in his mouth, and grinned.

Jack was their pirate friend in Port Royal.

“It looks like it’s coming over here.”

Just as Donald had said, the ship was getting closer and closer to the gummi ship.

A familiar mark was drawn onto the huge mast.


“Heartless!” the three yelled in near-perfect unison.

A heartless that had taken the shape of a ship—a Ghost Ship. At the bow, there was a huge face. They could also see many huge canons. There were huge wheels fixed to the sides of the ship.

“Everyone to your stations!” Donald yelled, and everyone dove into their own seats in the cockpit.

Disengaging the autopilot, Sora gripped the control stick. Donald and Goofy also each started preparing their shots and lasers, respectively.

“Let’s go, everyone!”

With Sora’s call, the ship gained speed. At almost the same time, the Ghost Ship fired a shot at the gummi ship.

“Look out!” Goofy yelled, and Sora pulled on the control stick. But, not in time! The shot that the Ghost Ship had fired smashed into the gummi ship. The gummi ship jolted with force.


Donald and Goofy were flung out.

“Are you okay, you two,” called Sora, clinging to the pilot’s seat.

“What~! That-that! Gwawawawawawa!” Donald bashed on the shot button over and over.

A wheel fixed to the side of the Ghost Ship was blasted off by a shot.

“Good one, Donald!” Sora steered the gummi ship, making to slip past the Ghost Ship.

“Something’s coming!” Goofy called.

Round black heartless were flying from the Ghost Ship one after the other.

“Ahyuk!” Goofy’s lasers shot them down.

“There’s no end to it…” muttered Sora.

“Isn’t your steering the problem?” Donald jumped up, and lunged for the control stick.

“Wah, what are you doing, Donald!”

“I’ll steer!”

“Stop it, you two,” said Goofy, resignedly, from behind the jostling pair.

“We decide this with rock-paper-scissors the other day, didn’t we?!”

“It’s always you, Sora, you sneak!”

As he went to push Sora aside, Donald’s foot kicked the control stick.

The gummi ship rose abruptly, and lunged towards the mast of the Ghost Ship!



“Look out!”

The three of them covered their eyes, unthinking. But—the mast of the ghostly Ghost Ship turned out to be less hard and strong than the gummi ship.

Wham! With a huge impact, the mast snapped.

“Lucky!” Sora yelled, shoving Donald away again, and gripping the control stick tightly.

Circling quickly, they turned to the front of the Ghost Ship just like that.

“Hey, get to your station, Donald!”

At Sora’s words, Donald trudged back to his seat.

“Now we launch an all-out attack!” Sora yelled.

“Aye-aye, sir!” Goofy answered.

“Gwah… aye-aye, sir…” Donald answered, looking a little dissatisfied.

The mouth fixed on the front of the Ghost Ship opened wide before their eyes. Deep inside, they could see a skull-like face.

“Let’s go!”

With Sora’s shout, shots and lasers were fired into its mouth. The enormous skull-like face gave a roar.

The mast fell, and the wheels fixed to the sides of the ship fell one by one.

“So that’s it, I guess.”

“That’s it, isn’t it?”


Beside Sora and Goofy, who were looking at each other and had their fists clenched in triumph, Donald was still hanging his head.

“Guess it can’t be helped. Come here, Donald!”

Sora stood up from the pilot’s seat.


Donald dove into Sora’s pilot seat, and gripped the control stick tightly.

The gummi ship wheeled higher.

“Let’s finish this!”

Sora, who had run to Donald’s seat, delivered the final blow to the Ghost Ship.

The already tattered Ghost Ship broke up, as if sinking into the ocean of strange space, and disappeared as particles of light.

“You sneak!” shouted Donald.

“You said you wanted to steer, right Donald?” grinned Sora.

And so, quietness was given back to the ocean of strange space—but taken away from the inside of the gummi ship.

“Sora, you’re always the one to do the cool things, you sneak!” Donald stamped his feet in frustration.

“Can’t be helped, right? It’s decided that the hero is cool.”

“The Palace Magician is cool!”

“You two, stop it~”

It came into view before those three—Olympus Coliseum.

The world of heroes among heroes.

The journey was still to continue for Sora and his friends.

Continue to Episode 5: Last Minute to the Castle Oblivion


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