Character Introductions and Prologue


Written by: Kanemaki Tomoco
Original Plan: Nomura Tetsuya and Nojima Kazushige
Illustration: Amano Shiro
Translations: Goldpanner
Copyrighted by Disney, Square Enix and Touchstone Pictures. No profits are gained from these unofficial fan translations. 

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Vol 3: Xion-Seven Days



The Organisation’s number VIII. He carried out life in the Organisation while having a sworn goal with Saïx, but seeing the distress of his friends Roxas and Xion deepen, he went to investigate how to resolve things, and accidentally figured out the mystery of Xion. He’s stressing as he tries to find a way for the three of them to go in a good direction.


A girl who appeared as the 14th member. She uses a Keyblade like Roxas, and has no memories of before becoming a Nobody. After making a promise with Roxas and Axel for the three of them to go to the beach, she disappeared without telling either of them why.


Number XIII of the Organisation, and the protagonist of this story. Unlike the other Organisation members he has no memories of his human time, and he is a special Nobody that can use a Keyblade, which makes him worry about the mystery of his own existence. Stressing about the secrets Xion is keeping and the change he sees in his close friend Axel, his days are unstable.


For the sake of his close friend Sora, and in order to right his past wrongs, he is battling to control the darkness inside himself. Having entrusted Sora to Naminé in the haunted mansion and gone to search for the Organisation, he encounters Xion and notices the truth.


A Nobody who can manipulate memory. In order to bring Sora’s memory back to normal, the girl is living in Twilight Town’s haunted mansion. Having begun to notice the true nature of Xion, she is anxious about the future that is to come.

The King (Mickey Mouse)

The great King of Disney Castle, and Riku’s close friend. He journeys in order to guide all the words with light. Along the way he noticed the existence of the Organisation, and is paying attention to them.


Number II, who handles the Gun Arrow. One of the only elders of the group, he is shrewd, and is well versed with many pieces of information. He says things that make us think he knows about the mystery of Xemnas, Axel and Saïx’s goal, and the true nature of Xion.


Leader of the Organisation and Xehanort’s Nobody. He is watching over the succession of hardships that befall Roxas and Xion in a detached manner, saying that everything is according to plan. It seems that his goal is to guide Kingdom Hearts to completion, but his true motives are still a mystery.


Number VII, who serves as adjutant of the Organisation. While sharing a common goal with Axel, he is involved in the performance of each of the Organisation’s duties, but he is also trying to put distance between Roxas and Xion.


I wonder how many days it’s been since we were last called to the Round Room.

Roxas was sitting in the usual chair, waiting for Xemnas to appear.

Half of the 13 seats in the row are empty. Axel’s sitting in his chair, arms crossed. He looks unhappy. Looks like Xion’s still to come. Come to think of it, Xion doesn’t have a chair,
 thought Roxas. Maybe she’ll sit in one of the empty seats. If she does, I wonder whose she’ll take?

The air in the room wavered, and Xemnas’ figure appeared.

But Xion hasn’t arrived yet, 
thought Roxas, and that moment, Xemnas opened his mouth.

“Xion has gone.”

Upon hearing words that unexpected, Roxas just stared at Xemnas. It seemed the other members were just as surprised.

But, why—why would she be gone?

“What does this mean? So it’s desertion?” Demyx asked, shrugging.

“How absurd… You’re saying they chose the path of annihilation?” Xaldin continued.

There’s no way she would desert. No way. She had to have some kind of reason. Maybe that fake in the Organisation coat did something terrible to her again… 
Thoughts whirled round and round inside his head, appearing and disappearing. What do I do, what should I do…

Xemnas’ words interrupted his thoughts.

“I forbid anyone from going after Xion.”

“Why!” Roxas yelled impulsively. Why can’t I go after her? 

Xemnas looked at Roxas for a moment, but he didn’t say anything in answer. Saïx opened his mouth instead. “It simply means that it’s best left alone. Are you dissatisfied?”

“Shouldn’t someone go and bring her back?!” Roxas said in a strong tone. But, the answer from Saïx was but one cold line.

“Why bring it back?”

Upon hearing that, Roxas couldn’t immediately form an answer. I just wanted things to be like they have been so far.

But, even if I said that, Saïx wouldn’t give his consent.

While Roxas hesitated, Xemnas began to speak slowly and admonishingly. “If the time comes, everything will be made clear.”

Axel, who had been sitting in silence with his arms crossed the whole time, looked up. “So if the time doesn’t come, everything will stay like this.”

Saïx glared at him. “The order is absolute. To defy it means annihilation,” he answered.

Xemnas’ figure disappeared. And then, one by one the other members all vanished, until only Axel and Roxas were left in the Round Room.


“Mission, c’mon,” said Axel, as if to stop Roxas from speaking about Xion, and then he vanished.


Xion’s been strange for a long time now. But now that I think about it, Axel’s… also seemed strange. It feels like
everyone but me knew something about what was happening to Xion.

Roxas looked down, and stared at the centre of the room.

This is where I first met Xion. That time—what kind of expression did she have…? I’m trying to remember, but I can’t. Like something that happened a long, long time ago. 

Today is the 256th day since I joined the Organisation. I counted just yesterday, so I do know. So, since Xion came on the 7th day, it’s been 249 days, definitely. 

Roxas sighed once, and left the room to follow Axel.


Continue to Chapter 1: Nostalgia Island


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