Kingdom Hearts Game Novels Index


UPDATE: The Kingdom Hearts novels are now being localised and published by Yen Press. Please support the official releases. I will no longer be working on these projects, but I will leave up my completed works as well as the works in progress unless I am contacted to take them down. Thank you very much to everyone who has stuck with me over the years. 

KH 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

➙ Side Sora [3/10]

Side Riku [0/12]

KH Birth by Sleep

➙ Vol 1 Something Strange [3/7]

➙ Vol 2 Best Friends [1/6]

➙ Vol 3 To the Future 

KH 358/2 Days

➙ Vol 1: The 14th [complete]

➙ Vol 2: Go to the Sea [complete]

➙ Vol 3: Xion–Seven Days [complete]

KH 2

➙ Vol. 1 Roxas—Seven Days [1/9]

➙ Vol. 2 The Destruction of Hollow Bastion

➙ Vol. 3 Tears of Nobody

➙ Vol. 4 Anthem—Meet Again/Axel Last Stand [4/8]

KH 2 Short Stories

➙ Vol. 1 Other Diamonds

➙ Vol. 2 Axel—Seven Days [complete aside from KH2 rehash stories]

KH Chain of Memories

➙ Sora’s Story 1

➙ Sora’s Story 2

➙ [Reverse/Rebirth]Riku’s Story [complete]

Another Report

➙ Roxas–Somewhere in Time [complete]

➙ Another Report: DIRECTOR’S SECRET REPORT XIII [complete]


11 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Game Novels Index

  1. Shazi

    is there a kingdom hearts 1 novel? a friend of mine loves the kingdom hearts series but can’t play the games so i’d love for her to read this set of novels

    • Hello! Thank you for the lovely message <3
      I don't have PDFs, but if you google 'convert webpage to pdf' there are lots of free services you could use to get them :3

  2. Hi!

    My name is NekoShiiro, and I´m here as a member of Tomodachi Fansub, a Spanish Fansub, to ask for using your translations and RAWs to translate some of the novels into Spanish. We are willing to take KH2 and KH: Chain of memories. Can we?

    We look forward to hearing from you :)

    Tomodachi Fansub

    • Hello Nekoshiiro! You may certainly use my translations, just so long as you credit me and add a link back to this website. I am sorry, though, I can’t provide you with the raws. You can buy all of the books on though!

  3. malarkey

    Hey, just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you’re doing here! It’s really awesome of you to put all this work into translating the novels just so other fans can enjoy them too. So thanks a ton! :)

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