9 October 2015



Congratulations on your 600th issue. Thank you for your long-time support.
I also feel some kind of fate at play in how the timing of your 600th issue celebration has coincided with the announcement of KH2.8.
I drew for this issue with a spirit of celebration and congratulations towards both.

Due to my schedule situation the picture of King Mickey and friends is something I drew a while ago, but to give it a sense of unity, I recoloured and reorganised it from scratch to match this one.
Actually, I wanted to have that Chirithy on the far right there holding a pen and do a handwritten congratulatory message in the upper right corner, but I had to leave it out due to the layout.
As for what I was going to write, I hope you can see it with your heart.

Come to think of it, I have been asked to draw covers a few times in the past.
I have deep and bitter memories of being asked to redraw one for Parasite Eve.
I didn’t redraw it in the end though, which is a good memory, haha.

Besides the announcement of KH2.8, there’s still KHIII to follow, so if there’s another chance to work with you I’ll look forward to it.
Plus, when you get to issue 700 or 777 etc, I’ve got FFVII on the way, so I’ll look forward to that too.

Kingdom Hearts series director: Tetsuya Nomura


Creator’s Voice KINGDOM HEARTS Tetsuya Nomura

—The term ‘lost masters’ comes up in the conversation at the start of KHIII between Xehanort and Eraqus. Do those people also have some connection to the story of KHχ?

Nomura: That is content to be explored from hereon in KHχ, KHUχ and KHχBC, but the term will be used in KHIII.

—Developments so far have shown us that Master Xehanort’s keyblade is a special blade. Will the setup surrounding that be further revealed in KHIII?

Nomura: Things will be told in KHχBC that connect to KHIII.

—In KHIII, which is to be the last installment, will we get a clear definition of what exactly series-keyword ‘kingdom hearts’ is?

Nomura: This also touches on endgame things so I still can’t say how much, but more will be told than has been so far.

— Please tell us about the content of the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theatre event that will be held at D23 on the 3rd November.

Nomura: Last time we went with the concept of ‘Stage’. This time it’s ‘Theatre’, so please look forward to a video.

—In KH3D you touched upon the ‘seven lights’ and ‘thirteen darknesses’ that serve as the groundwork of what will be continued in KHIII. Who (or what) do they refer to?

Nomura: Aside from what has already been revealed in KH3D, we will be keeping who they are under wraps until the final stages of KHIII, so I suggest you look forward to finding out.

—What transformations (newly available abilities etc) appear upon becoming a Keyblade Master?

Nomura: It is a title, so rather than big changes or the like, it’s more that you possess officially recognised succession. Masters are taught through theory what they ought to accomplish, such as being conferred missions to go follow teachings.

—While Aqua wandered the Realm of Darkness, we believe that in the outside world the events of KH to the very end of KHII took place. Will KH0.2BbS include links to that?

Nomura: It’s a story that connects to KHIII, so naturally there are links in that area.

—Who was speaking in the newest trailer for KHχBC?

Nomura: Chirithy.

—Please give us the rundown on new characters Chirithy, the Foretellers, and Ephemera.

Nomura: Chirithy is the player’s guide in the χ series. There are as many of them as there are players. There are still many mysteries about the Chirithies, and I am often asked by players of χ and staff alike whether they are enemies or allies. The Foretellers are people who are prototypes of what are now called Keyblade Masters. The world of χ develops upon their prophecies. Ephemera is a boy who, like the player, is a Keyblade Wielder collecting light. However, feeling doubt over the estrangement of the organisations run by each Foreteller known as Unions, he is trying to investigate the mysteries of the world.

—In the newest trailer for KHχBC, words such as ‘Master of Masters’, ‘six disciples’ and ‘traitor’ appeared. Please tell us a little about each of them.

Nomura: The Master of Masters is the teacher of the six disciples, and the person who brought Chirithy into the world. He is rather eccentric, but revered by the six. As I have answered before, five of the six disciples each formed a Union and now have a following of Keyblade Wielders. As for the remaining disciple, nothing has been said about them anywhere yet, so please wait for KHχBC. As for the traitor, that is the keyword which the plot of KHχBC revolves around, so I think this too will be revealed in KHχBC.


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