31 August 2015


Notice of End of Service (11/30)

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY AGITO.

We apologise greatly, but it has come to be that FINAL FANTASY AGITO is scheduled to end service on the 30th November 2015 (Mon) 23:59.

After holding discussions over various points, we reached the conclusion that it would be difficult to offer a service that our customers would be satisfied with if things were to continue as they are.

So that we may further offer a gaming experience and service that our customers may be satisfied with, we are shifting to development of a FINAL FANTASY AGITO reborn with a new structure.

We plan to inform you of further details about the rebirth of FINAL FANTASY AGITO at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2015, which will be held from the 17th (Thu) ~ 20th (Sun) September 2015. Until then, we thank you very much for your patience.

Also, the schedule from now until the end of service is as follows.
※Information to customers regarding the end of service will be sent separately.


■2015 end of September ~ first ten days of October (planned)
Release the end of the story of FINAL FANTASY AGITO.
Community boss battles will be held on weekends, but the appearance of notifications will cease.

■2015 October 31st (Sat) 12:59 (planned)
Maintenance will be carried out and ‘Crystals’ will no longer be available for purchase.
Although the sale of ‘Crystals’ will end, you will still be able to use ‘Crystals’ purchased before this point.

■2015 November 30th (Mon) 23:59 (planned)
Our providing of the game as well as play will both end.


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