15 August 2015


Something happened this morning. “We apologise for the suddenness, but the data will be erased today.” I had heard it was next week, but just like that it’s goodbye. I can’t take any more pictures. But, on the other hand, I’m telling myself that this is proof that the beginning of the service is near, and there are things I want to introduce to you in the official version too, so I’ll see you another time. @ Nomura

The biggest thing in Uχ is the one-turn finish. This is the type of game where you aim for the exhilaration of winning one battle in one turn. The enemy gets their turn in one rotation of the carousel, the rotating commands in the bottom left, so increasing your slots by even one is remarkably advantageous. @ Nomura

There’s a simple rule for quests: there will be a target, defeat it to clear. The whereabouts of the target is displayed as you move, and you will be taken into a battle if you touch an enemy. Attack parts by touching the screen, the whole thing by swiping the screen, and swiping the medals to use abilities. @ Nomura


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