14 August 2015


Next, you can choose one randomly displayed medal belonging to your partner. I may be lazy, but even I don’t button mash through this part. Medals that me and my weak deck have never seen (other people’s) come up, and that’s rather important. In a way, relying on these just might be how I made it this far. @ Nomura

Explaining it may make it seem rather time consuming, but in practice medal and Keyblade equipping is quick, simple and smooth enough that even lazy old me thought it was just fine. At last, select a quest and then next decide on a deck (Keyblade). I usually button mash through that. @ Nomura

Choose synthesis and a popup like the one on the setting screen will open, so drag one to the left and press synthesise to complete. Those who think that’s a pain can hit ‘auto’ and the synthesis medals will be chosen for them. By the way, officially, they don’t go by the title R (rare), we say # star. @ Nomura

One of my most prized medals. I’ve selected my R (rare) Sora. With added skills, too. In rare cases medals exist that have added skills, and they have extra effects. You can see for yourself the added skill icons on the upper right of the medals on the setting screen I posted before, too. Medals have the potential to be synthesised and to evolve. @ Nomura

Now that I think about it, I haven’t explained the all-important medals. It’s not that I was hesitating to show weak medals, you know! I have another open slot now, and I can set it by dragging one over from the right. I noticed that I have a lot of synthesis medals too, so how about I try some synthesis. @ Nomura


Director: Hajime Tabata
Draft Character Design: Tetsuya Nomura
Character Design: Ferrari Roberto
Story Draft: Kazushige Nojima (Stellavista)
Development Manager: Nasu Nobuaki
Movie Director: Takeshi Nozue
Art Director: Tomohiro Hasegawa, Yusuke Naora, Isamu Kamikokuryo
World Map Director: Yasuyuki Matsunami
3D Graphics Director: Akira Iwata
Lead Engineer: Takeshi Aramaki, Hiroshi Iwasaki
Lead Game Designer: Masanori Sato, Masashi Takizawa, Kunihiko Kimura, Kenichiro Yuji, Prasertvithyakarn Prasert
Lead Enemy Designer: Yuichi Kanemori, Takayuki Kanbayashi
Lead Level Designer: Takeshi Terada
Lead Scenario Designer: Saori Itamuro
Lead Technical Artist: Kiyoshi Nanase
Lead Event Artist: Tokiaki Hirota
Lead Technical Animator: Takaharu Aono
Lead 3D CG Animator: Kenichi Shida, Yusuke Tanaka
Lead Environment Artist: Koji Ueno
Lead 3D Character Artist: Kazutaka Kurosaka
Lead VFX Artist: Naoki Kurita
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Producer: Shinji Hashimoto
The last volume of the comic adaptation of Kingdom Hearts II, by Shiro Amano, the first person other than me approved to officially draw Sora and the gang, releases on the 22nd this month. I wrote something for the paper wrapper. Please take a look. Now I am looking forward to the day he next does the honour of drawing for me. @ Nomura

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