7 August 2015


Development is currently in the last stage of fine-tuning. I have been having so much fun with what was meant to be a test play that when I think about how the day is rapidly approaching that this data won’t be able to be used any more, I feel sad. However, I’ll get over my sadness so all of you will be able to play, and as I weep I’ll get it finished, so please enjoy. @Director Nomura (X)

Even as I endure the other staff making fun of my poor deck (I started later than the others), the crisp feel that we were determined to have and the nice tempo it progresses with make it difficult when it is time to stop. All of the staff are working hard, so please wait just a little more before service commences.
@Nomura @KHUX @_KH (X)

Various things play when you launch the app, but skip them with a tap (a sneaky move) and you’ll be in Daybreak Town before you know it (not the very first time, though). This place serves as your home base, and you can select various things using the upper-right menu. By the way, Co. Director Itou-chan says it will be finished soon. @ Nomura (X)

As the aforementioned Itou-chan is the papa, now it’s possible to switch genders at any time in character customisation. It’s possible to change hair colour and the face and such too at any time during the game. With this, when you start, there will be no need to stress about taking your time, right? @ Nomura (X)

Excuse me for the excessive emphasis just now, having repeated ‘it’s possible to ~ at any time’ twice. Anyway, it’s possible to clear the quests that make up the bread and butter of the game in a short amount of time. However, as you can see, I haven’t covered two things in the Challenge section. I am puzzling over what equipment I’ll need to cover them. @ Nomura (X)


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