25 July 2015


The world of Kingdom Hearts (hereon KH) expands onto smartphones.
Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is a title that allows you to experience the ‘Keyblade War’ mentioned in-game in the KH series. As the wielder of the Keyblade, a key-shaped sword, the player goes around the worlds. The controls have been optimised for smartphones, and the battles that allow you to feel exhilarated in a short time are also attractive. The Keyblade can be strengthened, and the user-friendliness can be improved depending on customisation. In this issue, we’d like to explain the setup behind that.

Become stronger along with your Keyblade!

Keyblades have several slots open. The setup involves filling them with medals to open the possibility to use attacks and strong abilities. Also, strengthen the Keyblade and you will gain benefits that connect to your fighting power, such as increasing the number of slots. You can’t skip this element of gameplay if you want to overcome battles.

Unleash the medal abilities in battle!
In the battles in this title, you can unleash the techniques of the medals on your Keyblade one after another simply by tapping or holding the screen. Fulfil the requirements, and by holding and flicking the medal in the bottom left of the screen, you can set off powerful abilities such as the ones shown here. If you use a technique with an attribute that is effective against the enemy’s attribute there will be even more of an impact.

Kingdom Hearts χ browser version service reaches second year anniversary!

KHχ is the PC browser game that serves as the base for KH Unchained χ. As the predecessor of KH Unchained χ, it has been in service since July 2013. In KHχ there is currently a campaign to commemorate the second year anniversary of the service having begun, and various events are underway. If you haven’t played it before, how about taking this as your opportunity to try it out?


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