22 June 2015


The Keyblade Transformation Gameplay in KHIII

— Despite the great number of enemies and all the special effects happening, the movement in the battle scenes in the trailer was so smooth, not jerky at all.

Nomura: For this title we are implementing free running, charging up walls and such, so Sora’s mobility isn’t ordinary (laughs). Most things can be overcome with jumping and free running, and as in previous games there are of course abilities such as Glide that you can unlock as you go along.

—As equally eye-catching as Attraction Flow were the Keyblade transformations. Despite gaining a befitting power from the Mark of Mastery exam, can Sora really command such amazing transformations all of a sudden?

Nomura: I can tell you all about that. Game-wise, it’s possible from early on. However, each individual Keyblade has a different way of transforming. Basically, it’s possible to get the option to make your Keyblade change shape once you complete specific requirements during battle. Then, the way it actually works is that transforming a Keyblade will change it into a specific form, such as the chariot from the trailer, and you use the abilities of that form.

Introduction: Pulled along by their lost memories, siblings *Ren and *Ran visit *Grimoire, a strange world populated by tiny people. There they make friends with monsters who they shrink down to ride (and get ridden by when they grow big!), and quite the wacky adventure unfolds. The new Final Fantasy is this big! The beginning of a new world and a story full of encounters.


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