18 June 2015


FFVII is not a simple remake. Tetsuya Nomura interview, involves KH3 [E3 2015]

Words: Dengeki Online

At E3 2015 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015), a computer game trade show held in Los Angeles, the USA, information was released regarding a remake of Final Fantasy VII and the latest information onKingdom Hearts III. We interviewed the man working as the director of both titles, Tetsuya Nomura, and we would like to present an excerpt of it now.

■ Final Fantasy VII remade for PS4 after twenty years!

At the Playstation E3 EXPERIENCE 2015 press conference held on the 15th of June (local time), information regarding a remake of Final Fantasy VII was revealed. It was announced that the producer is Yoshinori Kitase, the scenario is by Kazushige Nojima, the director is Tetsuya Nomura, and that it is being developed for the PS4.

—With twenty years having passed since the original version, we are extremely interested in how it must evolve for the PS4.

I still can’t give details, but it is not a simple remake. I think that simply making the graphics next-gen-console pretty, for example, wouldn’t improve on the original version. I think you may as well play the international version of the original which we are also making available on the PS4, in that case.

Also, there aren’t any screenshots out yet, but we have achieved rather a lot of progress, so please look forward to that. The fact that Mr Nojima’s name came up this time once again for scenario also means there’s something being added story-wise, so I’d love for you to look forward to that too.

—At the end of the clip there was an announcement that the next move is coming this winter…?

We plan to release further news sometime this winter. I think at the very least we will announce the official title, and we are currently fine-tuning exactly how much more information we will reveal.

I knew how many people would be looking forward to this, and I’ve finally been able to announce it. The details will have to wait a little longer, but we are steadily bringing into reality something that won’t betray your hopes. Please look forward to the next information release.

■ After a long silence we have new information on Kingdom Hearts III!

At the Square Enix press conference held on the 16th of June (local time), new footage of Kingdom Hearts III was released to the public. With the inclusion of Tangled having been revealed, we asked about this highly-anticipated title, too.

—All the battle scenes are impressive, but the the images of riding the roller coaster and tea cup while fighting were particular stand-outs.

That is called ‘Attraction Flow’, and it was one of our showpieces this time. You can make it occur spontaneously by arranging particular conditions, and it is very beautiful to look at. The UI (user interface) you can see in the video is actually only provisional, but in practice the UI will change when you use Attraction Flow.

Also, as you saw this time, we have incorporated a ‘free run’ where Sora’s actions automatically change to respond to cliffs, platforms and hills, which makes for even more dynamic action than before.

—We were able to see a conversation between a young Xehanort and Eraqus. Will that be the actual opening scene to KHIII?

Yes, it will. After their conversation, the story of this title starts. We only showed an excerpt of their conversation in this video, and the scene is actually longer. As you can tell by their outward appearance, it’s a scene set rather a long time ago, and that connects to the plot of KH Unchained Key.


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