4 June 2015



The latest Final Fantasy title comes to smartphones in full HD!

■Overwhelming graphics, rich story!

New scenario by Kazushige Nojima of FFVII/FFX fame.

Introducing a full-scale next-generation RPG that, with chaptered episodes releasing and a diverse range of managed events, you can play infinitely!

■Crisp, evolved command battles!

New battles specialised for one-handed smartphone control.

Experience surprising, crisp battles brought forth by dazzling effects and smooth motion!

■Uses the traditional FF Job System!

Invent deep strategies with the Job System.

Combine Jobs and Abilities infinitely.

Plunge into the endlessly tweakable character creation!

■Story “The Warrior of Light”

This world is engulfed in despair.

The wind has ceased, the oceans rage, and the land is rotting away.

The people, believing a certain prophecy, are waiting for ‘him’.When

“When this world is enveloped in despair, a ‘Warrior of Light’ shall appear.”

The dark drifting of a young man without a past comes to an end when he washes ashore in this world of Paramatia.

Is this man who bears the special name the Warrior of Light? Their only–?

It was you and none other who awoke in Paramatia bearing the name of the Warrior of Light.

This massive world goes on and on – what will you see…?

■Supported OS

Android OS 4.0 and onwards

■Recommended system requirements


※Operation not guaranteed without recommended system requirements


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