14 May 2015


New title scoop: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (Key)

  • Dwarf Woodlands
  • [Snow White]
  • The world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Thanks to the Heartless, most of the seven dwarves have gone missing.
  • [Search for the scattered dwarves]
  • [Doc: W-who on e-earth are y-you?]
  • Olympus Coliseum
  • [Hercules]
  • The world of Hercules. This is apparently a special level where you can enjoy    tournaments.
  • [Phil: Herc, you’re late! What were you doing?!]
  • [Phil: First, the Preliminaries. Show me what you got.]
  • [Test your skill at the Coliseum!]
  • Destroy sections to prevent enemy attacks etc. The destroyed condition will be shared across all players.
  • Get your beatdown on while the section is destroyed and it can’t counterattack!
  • Work together to put down the Boss Enemies that block your progression through the level

Nomura: The scenario heads towards depicting the beginning of the ‘Keyblade War’ that occurred. However, as there are Keyblade Wielders in the World later on, they must not all have been destroyed in the Keyblade War. That is the basis of this story.

Nomura: The outline is. KH χ and KH Unchained χ tell the story of how everything began. Why was Xehanort so obsessed with Kingdom Hearts? You should be able to glimpse the reason for that during these two titles.

Nomura: The Foretellers are the equivalent to those known as Keyblade Masters in the future of this universe, and from hereon out they will start to make their own individual moves. Also, thanks to a character named Ephemera who appeared in the new scenario in KH χ, players should have some doubts about the Foretellers and the Unions. From there we will chase the mysteries of the Foretellers and the Book of Prophecies, and draw closer to the Keyblade War. However, players are trying to avoid war breaking out, so please keep an eye on what happens with that.

Nomura: If you do know, then you will enjoy the world of KH all the more, make no mistake. However, you don’t have to know everything. The protagonist himself, Sora, doesn’t know everything. That said, I’d be happiest if you did play it (laughs). If you do give it a try, I think you’ll be surprised at what a rich experience you get for free.


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