22 January 2015


Have your name on THAT game!

The 3rd Business Division is the section that handles Square Enix flagship titles such as Final Fantasy and SaGa. Developers that are full of individuality and have the sense of responsibility to take part in large scale projects that expand worldwide have a fulfilling time working here. As we are a video game company that represents Japan the standard of development concerning digital content software that we ought to achieve is high, one can absolutely move up the ladder if one takes initiative, there are many incentives, and one can gather a diverse range of experiences. I believe it’s an environment in which the creativity of all newly joined developers has a better chance to be demonstrated. I can’t think of anything that feels more fulfilling than the day you witness the response after pulling it off and getting the game out to all the fans who had been looking forward to release. There are staff at this company who are fans of our company’s Final Fantasy and SaGa who entered because they wanted to be a part of those works. Come and develop titles that exemplify Square Enix along with us. I am waiting for your application.

– 3rd Business Division Business Executive Shinji Hashimoto

3BD/Cutscene Designer

Position Description: Working on cutscenes for Kingdom Hearts III. Taking part in the entire manufacturing process related to cutscene production, from storyboarding to layout and lighting.

3BD/Technical Artist (in Osaka)

Position Description: In charge of general technical assistance (workflow construction, selection of middleware etc) in implementing the high quality graphic expression of Kingdom Hearts III. In charge of construction duties for a shader on the game engine for nature representations (water, rain, snow etc), and special effects (magic etc) etc, during online games.

3BD/Menu Designer (in Osaka)

Position Description: In charge of data creation and design relating to the UI of Kingdom Hearts III. The goal is to communicate with planners and programmers to complete a user-friendly UI with an awareness of the style of the world as well as the characteristic feel of a Kingdom Hearts game.

3BD/Battle Planner (in Osaka)

Position Description: Planning the battles for Kingdom Hearts III. Specific Job Contents: battle plan creation (mainly enemy), specs creation and implementing AI that uses Unreal Engine4. Minigame etc plan, specs creation and fine-tuning. Player action and gameplay plan, specs creation.

3BD/Direction Planner (in Osaka)

Position Description: Using Unreal Engine4 to apply camera and direction to the explanations of the game player’s techniques and maps and the introduction, advancement and completion of missions and battles. Carrying out meetings, storyboarding and ordering of materials in entirety until they are included.

3BD/Level Planner (in Osaka)

Position Description: Kingdom Hearts III level design and management tasks. Level design plan, specs creation and implementation adjustment. Minigame etc plan, specs creation and implementation adjustment.

3BD/Character Model Designer (in Osaka)

Position Description: General production work on characters to be in Kingdom Hearts III. Job specifics for Tokyo: texture creation involved in polishing up new and old models/texture creation. Design work. Job specifics for Osaka: working on character assets for PS4/XboxOne. Assigned work on the materials and shader used for Unreal Engine4. Schedule and quality management.

3BD/2D Background Art Designer (in Osaka)

Position Description: Creation of 2D design documents for the 3DBG designers to work from. Creating concept plans for the natural terrain/towns etc of the various worlds of Kingdom Hearts, and designing plans for the little objects they are made of (trees, signs, houses etc).

3BD/3DCG Designer (BG) (in Osaka)

Position Description: General work on background production for Kingdom hearts III. Job specifics: working on background assets for the PS4/Xbox One. Working on layout and lighting using UnrealEngine4. Schedule and quality management.

3BD/Effects Designer (in Osaka)

Position Description: Creating effects using our company’s customised Unreal Engine4.

3BD/Art Designer (in Osaka)

Position Description: Designing the items and enemy characters to appear in Kingdom Hearts III (the goal is to create appealing designs with an awareness of the particular feel of the Kingdom Hearts universe). Proposing ideas regarding movement and gimmicks along with design plans.

3BD/UI Programmer (in Osaka)

Job Description: Carrying out maintenance, optimisation, implementation and design of programs for the game’s HUD and menu etc. Always working with the shape of better controls and gameplay in mind.

3BD/Game Programmer (in Osaka)

Job Description: Being in charge of the maintenance and development of the gameplay programs for Kingdom Hearts III. Job Specifics: governing the actions of player, enemy and NPC characters. Implementing things relating to level construction. Implementing direction, special effects, VFX etc.

3BD/3D Graphics Programmer (in Osaka)

Job Description: Taking applications for staff to support the programming side of the visual expression of Kingdom Hearts III. Carry out maintenance, optimisation, implementation and design of real time rendering programs.


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