14 October 2014


15:49 PM – About the singing scenes in KH2 Atlantica: Irino: “I can sing Under the Sea! It was so fun, I’ve played it so many times”(via @aibo_ac7 @goldpanner)

15:47 PM – Uchiyama: “Me having two roles aside, voicing Neku was hard” (via @aibo_ac7 @goldpanner)

15:46 PM – Miyano: “In the beginning, Riku turned to the darkness… then things after that were like atonement. Voicing him has been sad at times.” (via @aibo_ac7 @goldpanner)

15:44 PM – What has changed since you first voiced Sora? Irino: “My voice changed (due to growing up), so we grew up together” He listens to his previous work to prepare when it’s been a while, but now his old voice makes him go ‘wah’ (via @aibo_ac7 @goldpanner)

15:40 PM – Uchiyama: “Roxas is at the age of a middle schooler. Since things are gloomy for him I try to keep in mind the pent-up anger to vent, and what he’d be thinking etc.” (via @aibo_ac7 @goldpanner)

15:39 PM – Miyano: “Everyone was having fun, while Riku was going dark. Guess he was just too cool, the silly butt.”(via @aibo_ac7 @goldpanner)

15:38 PM – “What do you like about your character? Irino: “He’s direct, honest, and a hero” Others: So pure!” (via @aibo_ac7 @goldpanner)



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