18 July 2013


  • Official service planned to start on July 18 after maintenence
  • Official service will offer the option to purchase ‘Charge Munny’, points which can be used to get available items such as a rare card called ‘Raise Draw’ and Megapotions and Megalixirs which fully restore AP and BP
  • Trade Ripe Kupo Nuts found in treasure chests on the field with Moogles for rare assist cards
  • Other updates will be detailed at launch
  • Data from the Open Beta Test will be carried over, so please continue to play and enjoy the game
  • Thanks for all the help
  • Official service will include new maps, new worlds, new quests, and new characters!
  • There will be new types of Raid Bosses, not just the Darkside everyone in the OBT is familiar with!

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