5 July 2013


Video translations:

Once upon a time, everyone across the realm lived in peace and harmony, bathed in warm light.
However, everyone coveted the light, and before long they began to fight over it.

As they did, darkness was born in everyone’s hearts.
The darkness spread and spread, swallowing up the light and many hearts.

The World was covered in darkness, and it disappeared.

[Text above the guy at his Awakening]
The Keyblade
The power of the light to drive back the darkness.

AGRABAH: A palace city surrounded by a vast desert
Aladdin: Who are you? I haven’t seen your face around.
Aladdin: Are you from another town?

[Blue writing during gameplay]
Aladdin was passed out in the desert after being attacked by Heartless.
Let’s pay a visit to the town he lives in, Agrabah.

DWARF WOODLANDS: Home of the seven dwarves
Doc: Today was just a normal day…
Doc: But then those black things from before appeared where we work.
Doc: They said they would all go get rid of them and ran off, but they haven’t come back.

[Yellow writing during gamplay]
Let’s follow Doc into the deep dark forest,
To search for his lost dwarf friends.

WONDERLAND: A wondrous land full of strange happenings
Alice: Excuse me, have you seen a rabbit go by?
Alice: I’m chasing after it.

[Pink writing during gameplay.]
After falling down a rabbithole, you find yourself in a strange room.
The only way out is a tiny door. Let’s check it out.

Cat thing??: My name is Chirishii.
Chirishii: Don’t worry, I’ll stay with you from now on and teach you all sorts of things.

[Yellow writing]
Strengthen your Keyblade
Collect material items and build up your Keyblade!

[Yellow writing]
Card Draw
Get Attack Cards that boost offensive and defensive strength!

[Yellow Writing]
Card Synthesis
Spend cards you come by on strengthening cards you like!

[Red writing]
A Raid Boss has appeared!

[I dont know who that white nun person is meant to be]
???: You must join forces with friends who share the same will and walk the same path.
???: You need to connect your power!

[Blue text]
Adventure through Disney worlds, defeating the Heartless that have appeared in them,
And take back the light together!

Chirishii: The darkness has also appeared in places other than here.
Chirishii: So, there’s a world I’d like you to visit for me.
Chirishii: The door to the outside world has already been opened.

Let’s begin your story.



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