27 June 2013


– The clip was a teaser through and through, so they didn’t give away much information. Unlike for FF15, the clips weren’t realtime, as they were in a hurry to select from among what was undergoing testing on the hardware, but it looks basically the same running on the hardware anyway. Perhaps the camera controls are better in realtime. Outfits and battle gameplay will be introduced another time


– During the clip the visuals change showing the shape that next-gen KH will take

– Though this is the final chapter of the Dark Seeker Chronicles, they’re working on ways to make it easy for newcomers to the series to join in. As with FF15 they are investigating online correspondence, and smartphone and tablet support

– They are hard at work on development, they have not yet finished choosing all the worlds

– As for the past few years they had continued with spin off titles, they announced the next numbered title with the aim to bring peace of mind to fans. There won’t be follow-up information available right away, but Nomura is hoping to release more information at TGS and D23 Expo Japan. Don’t forget that some popular voice actors from the series will be attending D23 Expo Japan. Nomura is hoping to be on the stage with the voice actors talking about the series and announcing the latest information.


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