20 June 2013


(details from hokanko alt)

Q&A With KH3 Director Tetsuya Nomura

* Release date TBA
* Price TBA

* Director: Tetsuya Nomura
* Co. Director: Tai Yasue
* Composer: Yoko Shimomura
* Producer: Rie Nishi

* The plot consists of Sora and the gang doing their thing on various Disney Worlds in order to find the key to restore hearts
* Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy have been introduced as CG characters


* It will continue on from KH3D, and the selection of new worlds is under way. There will be a final showdown with Xehanort as this is the last chapter of the Dark Seeker Chronicles.
* Will we be able to control characters other than Sora, such as Riku or Kairi etc? He wouldn’t say that the possibility is zero.
* About the visuals: They are still exploring how KH ought to look on next gen, but as the characters of KH were designed to evoke the feeling of the brush painting in the works of Disney, they’re going back to that as the starting point. After a few tests on the request of Mr Nozue, they came up with visuals that among the developers they are calling the ‘Kingdom Shader’.
* The action: There is a demo version that works on real consoles, and it’s an absolute storm. Going even beyond ‘bold action’, in KHIII you will have a three person party but depending on the world NPCs will also join in fighting. Basically they’re developing some very flashy action. Enemy AI has also changed considerably, and they are going for coordinated action that you can pull with enemies and allies alike.
* In these testing stages they already have Sora transforming his Keyblade
* The FFXV and KHIII development teams cause each other to improve as they work. Even at the private conference there was a response, developments unseen in the KH series so far eg. online elements are under investigation, he wants you to look forward to upcoming news. This year in Japan they will be exhibiting at Tokyo Game Show and at Disney’s D23 Expo Japan event in October, so expect more information to come out around then.


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