14 June 2013


At E3 2013, Tetsuya Nomura of Square Enix announced two titles for PS4/Xbox OneFinal Fantasy XVand Kingdom Hearts III. The Final Fantasy series needs no introduction and the Kingdom Hearts series is very popular around the globe, so when the titles were announced at the Sony Computer Entertainment Press Conference the cheers that went up were incredibly memorable. During the conference that was broadcast live around the world, the sound inside the hall wasn’t broadcast while the clips were playing, so perhaps the kind of reaction that the unveiling of the two titles caused was not conveyed.

Actually, in the hall, when the teaser clip for Kingdom Hearts III was played, as soon as the Disney logo appeared there was first a cheer of happiness. When the title logo followed, the roar of delight that resounded in the hall was perhaps the loudest of the entire day, and it only got louder as the clip continued. Reflecting the high degree of attention received even overseas, Tetsuya Nomura is at E3 finding himself highly sought after for coverage opportunities with foreign media. We asked him which titles piqued his interest at the conferences for both video game companies. Which next generation titles are Tetsuya Nomura keeping an eye on?

—When you watched the conferences for PS4 and XBox One, did any titles catch your attention?
Nomura: I thought TitanfallWatch Dogs and Battlefield 4 looked amazing. Those titles each seemed to have their own strong individuality among all the FPS type games that involve similar modern settings and science fiction etc.

Watch Dogs has incredibly sharp hacking game play, and Titanfall’s robot battles are distinctive. The way things are switched up by getting in and out of robots and the vividly immersive sensation of being inside the robots fighting are quite amazing.

I thought that the graphics in BF3 were beautiful and realistic, and Battlefield 4 is superb as well. And then on top of that I was a little surprised to see that it was possible to have a 64 player battle. Games with stand-out things like that are very interesting to me.

There was also Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainMetal Gear always has beautiful graphics, and the expressions were amazing. Being a fellow Japanese creator, I felt very proud.

—Among the next-gen titles, the works by you yourself and Director Hideo Kojima were the only ones from Japan, weren’t they?
Nomura: Yes, that’s how it turned out. Dead Rising 3 was by the Canadian Capcom, wasn’t it. We didn’t plan it this way, but it ended up that Director Kojima went out for Microsoft, and I went out for Sony.


—You’ve unveiled the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III.

Nomura: The clip was a teaser through and through, so we didn’t give away much information. Things like Sora’s outfit and battle gameplay are still to be revealed, so please look forward to that.

—It seems the look of the characters is different from usual…?

Nomura: That would be because of what the developers are referring to as the ‘Kingdom Shader’, which adds shading to the base image generation of the original ‘Kingdom Hearts’ that reproduces the brush painting of Disney works in even greater beauty.

—Will the plot follow on from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance…?

Nomura: Yes, that’s right. It will be the last chapter in the Dark Seeker Chronicle that we have been expanding up until now. I am thinking of some ways to make it easier for newcomers to the series to join in.



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