25 March 2013


[How to play]

Slide 1: Welcome to the world of KINGDOM HEARTS χ [chi]!
Journey through Disney worlds and take the light back from the darkness!

Slide 2: Defeat the darkness that has appeared in the worlds, the Heartless!
Defeat Heartless to get Lux (Light)!

Slide 3: Collect Lux (light) to win Team Battles!
The Lux you all collected will be tallied together every night to determine the victorious team!
The winning team will be rewarded!

Slide 4: Defeat Raid Bosses for Huge Gains!
Join in the battle when a Raid Boss appears.


Slide 1: Simple mouse controls
– Your avatar will move to wherever you click the mouse
– Click Heartless and things that catch your eye! (Heartless, components Items, Treasure Chests)
– Use AP to make actions (TIP: AP regenerates with time)

Slide 2: Dynamic Card Battles!
– Click Heartless to start a battle!
– Defeat Heartless to obtain Lux and cards etc
– Use cards to execute various abilities!

Slide 3: Gather components!
– Synthesise your Keyblade with components to strengthen it!

[Card Synthesis]

Slide 1: About Card Synthesis
– Synthesise your cards to get strong!
– Base card
– components Cards
– Munny is necessary for synthesis
– Synthesise cards of the same type (blue, green, red) and the level will rise more easily
– Synthesise the same card to form a Limit Card and raise the card’s max level

[Deck Formation]

Slide 1: About Deck Formation
– Form the strongest deck easily with ‘Auto Form’
– Deck
– Owned cards
– Battle with three cards at a time chosen at random from your deck

Slide 2: About Cards
There are two types of cards!
Attack Cards:
– Attack cards are set with one Ability
– Attack cards have a fixed Attack Strength and Defence Strength!
– Obtain Attack Cards by defeating Heartless and through Card Draw etc
Assist Cards:
– Assist Cards are important cards that decide HP and the Lux you will obtain
– Obtain Assist Cards from treasure chests as you adventure through the worlds

[Keyblade Strengthening]

Slide 1: About Keyblade Strengthening
– Gather components Items to strengthen your Keyblade
– Once you have collected the necessary components, you can strengthen your Keyblade!
– If you match your cards and Keyblade type during battle, you will get an effect up bonus


Slide 1: A Raid Boss has Appeared!
– Work together with everyone to defeat the Raid Boss within the time limit!
– Damage the Raid Boss to get Lux to defeat opposing teams
– Battle the Raid Boss using BP!
– The more BP you use, the more damage you deal



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