12 March 2013


[Image 1]

(Bronze) Game Cleared: Beginner
(Silver) Unchanging Gamer – cleared the game and saw the ending without changing the settings(*) once
(Silver) Undefeated
(‘Hidden Trophy’ x 7)

[Image 2]

(Bronze) The Adventure Begins
(Bronze) Alice in Wonderland
(Bronze) Go The Distance
(Bronze) You’ll Be In My Heart
(Bronze) Whole New World – locked the Keyhole in Agrabah
(Bronze) When You Wish Upon A Star
(Bronze) Part Of Your World
(Bronze) This Is Halloween
(Bronze) You Can Fly
(Hidden Trophy)

[Image 3 4]

(Bronze) Amateur Synthesist
(Bronze) Rookie Synthesist
(Bronze) Advanced Synthesist
(Bronze) Gummi Ship Collector
(Hidden Trophy)
(Bronze) Customiser
(Bronze) Top Ace
(Bronze) Test Pilot
(Bronze) Top Pilot
(Bronze) Ace Pilot – cleared Gummi Ship Mission ③
(Hidden Trophy)
(Bronze) Blade Master
(Bronze) Magic Master
(Bronze) Guard Master

[Image 5]

(Hidden Trophy x 3)
(Bronze) – (*???) – watched all of chapters 1-37
(Bronze) (**)Heart Gazing Days
(Bronze) Where the Heart Reaches



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