22 February 2013


KH Re:Chain of Memories is even more beautiful in KINDGOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX-!

With the utilisation of things such as exploration and battle card use and indicated encounters, there is a sharp distinction between Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories and the other titles in the series. This uniquely charming title has also been remastered in HD!


●The remake KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories now remastered in HD

The three games that form the first part of the story of the Kingdom Hearts (hereon KH) series have been remastered in HD and are being offered as one title, KH -HD 1.5 ReMIX- (hereon KH1.5). One of the titles included, KH Re:Chain of Memories (hereon KH Re:CoM), reveals the experiences of protagonist Sora and his best friend Riku after the events of KH.
Incidentally, KH Re:CoM originated from KH Chain of Memories, released on the Game Boy Advance in 2004. This title was fully remade for the PS2 in 2007 and included with KHII Final Mix with the title KH Re:CoM. This PS2 version has now been remastered in HD in KH1.5.

■ Changes from the PS2 version
– Everything is high resolution, including UI (user interface) such as the menus
– Trophy support
– PS3 custom theme made available upon clearing the game

● Interview with Art Director for Maps Takeshi Fujimoto

—What sort of work did you do on the HD remaster?

Fujimoto: I made the background textures high resolution. Unlike the old CRT displays, LCD and plasma televisions show textures clear and sharp, and if the resolution doesn’t live up to that it gives quite a disappointing impression. Because of that, I went over all the backgrounds again for the first time in a long time, remaking as many of the parts that stood out as rough as I could in the time I had.

—What would you especially like players to see?

Fujimoto: There’s not really anything I’d like them to look long and hard at while playing normally, but, we have remade many of the distant off-path background elements, so please check those out if you’d like to.

—Lastly, please tell us about anything that left you with a deep impression.

Fujimoto: In the beginning, the stained glass floors depicting princesses, or ‘stations of awakening’, in the opening of KH were retouched to such a high resolution that they’d have been fit for use in print media. However, as we added data we went over the memory limit, and sadly had to compress the texture size. Still, as you may expect, the compressed texture was unsatisfying compared to what we had become used to, and many people said things like ‘it was better before’ and ‘isn’t there anything we can do’, and we ended up testing out many things. And then finally thanks to the magic of(Sumio) Nasu we were able to put a beautiful texture into the game.

■ A comment from Animation Director Kouji Hamada

Our work on motion went basically hand in hand with the remake of the cutscenes for KH 358/2 Days. The animations in KH and Re:CoM were basically left as they were. I would love for you to see the vivid animation you would never have imagined for a game from about ten years ago. For the KH 358/2 Days cutscenes, I hope you feel the progression of the fun atmosphere of the first half to the heart-wrenching second half from the detailed expressions and performances of the main three. We also remade the dialogue-free scenes of the three just sitting together, and I hope that we were able to convey that gentle, somehow painful atmosphere.


Let’s all connect our love of Kingdom Hearts!


Recruiting actors for special ads and web content!

The three titles that form the beginning of the story of Kingdom Hearts are restored in HD quality in Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX-. We are announcing the production of a special advertisement gathering the love of the fans to be televised during the title’s release!

For the special advertisement, we will put together a clip that connects photographs of all the fans into one. In addition to this clip, we also plan to release web content that collects scenes of memories of KH.

We are mass recruiting SQEX Members to appear in the clip and web content! The Kingdom Hearts series is beloved by many fans even over ten years after the release of the first title. Would you like to bring the newest title, Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX-, in with a bang together as friends?



Date and time of invitation: 2nd March 2013 (Sat) 9:00~21:00
※Photographing is planned to take about an hour within the time-frame mentioned above
※You will be invited at a designated time which cannot be changed. We request that you understand this beforehand.

Meeting place: Somewhere in the Tokyo Metropolitan area
※Successful candidates will be notified

Admission costs: None

Number of positions available: 200 people

Application period: Until 24th Feb 2013 (Sun), 12am

Participants in the actual event: your likeness and speech will be published, broadcast and available on television advertisement and the official website etc. Also, it will be published, included and uploaded by our company and publications, media (including DVD), websites, mobile sites, shop front promos etc. sanctioned by our company.

Only those who acknowledge the above may apply.

※You must login as a SQEX Member to apply.
You may register as a new member here (no charge).

※Successful candidates are determined through lottery, not the order of application.
※One person may only apply once.
※Invitations are only made out to one person. Fellow travellers may not travel together.
※A letter of consent regarding permission to use one’s likeness is necessary to participate. Adults (over 20 years old) may complete their own ‘letter of consent (adult)’, minors (under 20 years old) must have a guardian complete a ‘letter of consent (guardian)’, which must be read carefully, signed and carried on the day.
※As part of the editing process there is a chance that not all participating members’ photos will be used.
※During production of the clip and web content, there is a chance that the photographs from the shoot will be manipulated or changed etc. Please understand this beforehand.
※The right to participate cannot be sold or transferred.
※We will check the identity of participants upon their arrival. People who are not the actual successful candidate (including family or friends of the candidate)will be denied participation. Please understand beforehand.



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