27th January 2013


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Video Volume Included in Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Around 3 Hours in Length!

Today we are singling out one of the three works included in the Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- compilation,Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: the heart-wrenching story of Roxas, intimately connected to series’ protagonist Sora, and his friends reworked in HD quality!

The heart-wrenching story of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days now in HD!

Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- (hereon KH 1.5), a compilation of three titles from the series remastered in HD. One such included title is the story of KH 358/2 Days (Three-Five-Eight Over Two), originally released on the Nintendo DS, put into a work of video of around two hours and fifty minutes. Today we will announce the points of difference from the original version and some of the scenes! At the end we also have a development staff comment and a mini interview to report.

Changes from the Original Version of 358/2 Days

~Cutscenes from the original now in high resolution
~Voicing recorded and HD quality videos created for originally non-voiced scenes
~Able to enjoy specific scenes (days) through chapter select function
~”Roxas’ Diary” available from the beginning, “Secret Reports” all available after viewing video
~Additional “Character Index” in which you are able to view detailed descriptions of characters
~Obtain a custom PS3 theme after viewing all content
~Trophy support (acquired through viewing content)

Development Staff Comment and Mini Interview!

We are happy to report an interview with KH 358/2 Days Cutscene Director Masaru Oka and a comment from the man behind the sound effects, electric guitar and more, Sound Designer Yuki Hirose!

Interview With KH 358/2 Days Cutscene Director Masaru Oka

–What sort of work did you cover for the HD remake?

Oka: As Days was only included in theatre, in order to convey the main story with just video, we selected and recreated around 100 scenes from the original. The production environment for the recreated cutscenes was very different to that of the existing cutscenes, but we adjusted the graphics as much as we could in order for them to not feel out of place in the sequence of videos.

–What would you especially like players to see?

Oka: I believe that together with the rich facial expressions, the addition of voicing to the new cutscenes in this title will have you sensing subtle expressions of emotion that would have been difficult to convey through only text. Perhaps even old scenes can give you fresh surprises, such as what sort of emotion was meant by a ‘…’ line. In this title’s theatre, several scenes are sequenced into one chapter, and to match this the BGM was also configured to chapter units. There are also scenes with different BGM set-up to the previous one. I would love for you to enjoy the theatre-only presentation of this title. Also, the scenes that had been presented as different videos on two screens have not lost one half of the video, they have been edited to be complete on one screen. Please see for yourself in the title how we have united them. There are about two hours and fifty minutes in total in the theatre. If you are going to watch it all from the beginning, you should sit back and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

–In addition, could you please tell us of any incidents that left a profound impression on you?

Oka: To help with this HD remake, I re-watched cutscenes from past productions KH1Re:Chain of Memoriesand Days. It awoke memories from the time I’d worked on them, and work ended up feeling quite nostalgic. I mean, KH1 was ten years ago! I did not imagine that I would participate in the KH series so often and for so long. It’s been ten years since then. I’d like to go on making Kingdom Hearts titles for all of you to love for the next ten years and on into the future.

Comment from Sound Designer Yuki Hirose 

As this is the first title of the series on the Playstation 3, we gave 5.1ch surround sound support to the real-time sections of KH1 and KH Re:Chain of Memories. Also, for Days, we recorded voicing to accompany the story cutscenes added huge-scale. Your heart should squeeze at Xion’s cuteness. On the music front, under the supervision of Yoko Shimomura, we rearranged all sorts of tracks with replaced live instruments. Please look forward to the sound born anew. Lastly… to all you good kids, don’t go eating ice cream in such high places, okay (laughs).

※For details check Weekly Famitsu, 7th Feb 2013 Issue (On Sale 24th Jan 2013)



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