25 December 2012


KINGDOM HEARTS -HS 1.5 ReMIX- Staff Comments and Game Outline

With the trailer now officially out, departures from the original KHFM have been revealed.

+ 14/3/2013 release date
+6980 yen
+Director: Tetsuya Nomura
+Co. Director: Tai Yasue
+Producer: Rie Nishi

Points that have been changed from the original version of KH Final Mix:
+On top of being made HD, some character models and textures have been updated
+The English voicing has been changed to Japanese voicing
+Tropy support
+Custom theme made available after clearing the game
+Addition of abilities ‘EXP Zero’, in which you cannot earn EXP, and ‘Combo Master’, in which combos work even if an attack misses
+Camera controls have been changed to the right stick, R3 button to swing the camera behind to the default position
+’Talk’ and some special abilities etc. now executed with the △ button
+’Summons’ is in the command menu separate from ‘Magic’
Also, the inclusion of Aerith, Leon, various Disney Characters and their stages etc. has been revealed.

Staff comments (some excerpts):
Gen Kobayashi, Character Art Director
+A great deal of the base material had to be remade high resolution to fit the HD remastering
+The menu screens have been made prettier, the picture has been made wider, and controls are nicer
+Even if you played the PS2 version you can enjoy it, it will feel fresh
+They have worked on many trophies and custom themes
Tohru Yamazaki, Team Leader of the Character Section, Osaka
+Even now people look at the first KH title and say it is beautiful
+With an aim to make post-KHII quality the standard, some texture resolutions have been drastically increased
Sumio Nasu, Programmer
+Without anyone who remembered the ten year old program, they finally worked out how to progress after much trial and error
+Wants to make use of the knowledge gained from this project to bring the next remastered title to life
+Controls for this title feel close to that of KHII, you can also skip cutscenes



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