23 December 2012


Gameplay changes:

+ As a HD remaster, some of the character models and textures have of course been updated in high resolution. Be moved anew by even more beautiful images!
+ ‘English voicing (with Japanese subtitles)’ has been revised to ‘Japanese voicing’!
+ Trophy support!
+ Reward for clearing the game added!
+ ‘EXP Zero’ and ‘Combo Master’ abilities added!
+ Enjoy even more exhilarating gameplay with updated controls.

KH Re:Chain of Memories
+ Experience both Sora’s Story and Riku’s Story in HD quality!
+ In order to stand beside the HD picture, user interface such as the menus have been made high resolution.
+ Trophy support!
+ Reward for clearing the game added!

KH 358/2 Days
+The highly acclaimed story of 358/2 Days remade in HD quality! The story of every day may be browsed in chapter format!
+ An astounding volume of videos exceeding two hours in length!
+ Roxas’ Diary, the Secret Reports and a brand-new Character Index added so you may understand the story to even greater depth!
+ Reward after viewing the videos added!

Demo impressions:

KH HD 1.5 Re-mix at Jump Festa: Demo Report by ff-reunion

“There were only ten KH HD 1.5 demo booths, and you were assigned either KHFM or Re:CoM depending, I couldn’t choose which. I was surprised they had so few, haha. With the degree of attention it was getting I thought it would have been better if they had provided more, but maybe they can’t have a lot of booths for an unfinished title? It was quite a shame. Anyway, now I will talk about the demo… well, the real time images were beautiful, very pretty! I honestly didn’t think the level of HD would be this high, I was surprised. (Sora, Donald and Goofy etc) models have been changed to something very close to the ones in KH3D, with there being no flaws in the polygons, no blurring, no roughness from lagging… Just as it was said in an interview, cutscene models (Leon, Yuffie etc) are the same as the original game? I could see some blurring that made me think that was the case. Maybe it will be changed for the final product? …I only had a short amount of time, but I was truly surprised over and over by the level of quality that is KH in HD. I can’t wait for it to release in three months!”


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