15 November 2012



SAWA (homepage)
Finally! It’s really happening!! The World Ends With You RG (Real Ground) Live!!! There’s not even a month left!!!! How’s about we celebrate the sale of the game in style! From the bottom of my heart, I can’t wait to give you all a night you’ll never forget! (>w<)/
[Finally! The TWEWY Live event is taking place at Shibuya RG(Real Ground) next month!!! Let’s celebrate this 5th anniversary of this game together!!! I’m looking forward to have this great blast together with you all!!!! ヽ(≧∀≦)ノ  – SAWA]
Stephanie (homepage)
I’m sooo looking forward to Live! I really want to deliver to you all the intensity in the songs, Live, real, full of presence!
Let’s all enjoy it as one on the day~!!

Takeharu Ishimoto (homepage)
With the 5-year mark barely gone by, we’ve finally managed to reach the LIVE exhibition!
The tickets I worried over even sold out without a hitch, I’m so happy.
I was also able to have absolutely wonderful people gather for the band.
Embarrassingly enough I will be playing guitar as a member of The Death March myself.
By all means, listen, laugh and love!
Yui (homepage)
It’s such an honour to be allowed to participate in this event!! Let’s make it the best Live ever!!

T$UYO$HI (homepage)
To everyone who managed to get premium tickets
Let’s have the share of fun of the people who couldn’t make it

Kuwagata Fukino (homepage)
I’m looking forward to getting crazy with all of you. As a member of this band I’m going to give it everything I have, please think well of me!

Keiji Kawamori (homepage)
Let’s all have a fantastic time!

ZAX (homepage)
I’ll play my absolute best.

Kensuke Hirako 
The most appealing thing about this game is is the sprinting feeling. And, perhaps, the faithfully recreated atmosphere of the Shibuya underground. I’m incredibly excited to be able to be able to bring that version of Shibuya to life with this live performance in the real Shibuya.
Yuki Koba
Hiroyuki Motohashi


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