13 October 2012


Blog update:

Thank you!
Yesterday was the first round of judging for the The World Ends With You vocals auditions.
According to what our staff has counted so far, it seems there are in total over 240 applications.
I have listened to all the songs, and I was surprised by the high quality of everyone’s recordings.
The rest of the applicants who didn’t go with a set piece of music chose such cool pieces and we who listened really enjoyed it, but…
….selection gave us serious trouble.
We decided on who would pass the first round, but there is still a second round to judge, so those who have not applied, please cheer them on.
We will soon let you know how we will be conducting the second round of judging so please wait.
To those who weren’t selected this time, please don’t give up after this, please continue to find many ways to challenge yourselves.
Above all I want you to stay positive.


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