4 October 2012


– 2013 release
– Retail Price TBA
-Director: Tetsuya Nomura
-Co-Director: Tai Yasue
-Producer: Rie Nishi
-Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Japanese langage HD remaster
-Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories: HD remaster of the full remake of the GBA title
ETA: This means a HD remaster of the title Re:CoM, which was a full PS2 remake of the BGA title Chain of Memories
-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Video volume consisting of cutscenes fully remade in HD
-Some of the character models have been replaced with the new ones from KH3D? KH3D aside, some characters have still had model changes
-Kingdom Hearts for PC Browser will be a free to play title with purchasable items in which you adventure with your customised avatar

Some parts of the short interview with director Mr. Tetsuya Nomura. (TN: I wasn’t sure whether these snippets were direct quotes or paraphrasing, so I went with third person!)

-Before turning to the conclusion of the present series, the ‘Seeker of Darkness Chronicles’ (same as what has been called the Xehanort Chronicles up until now), he wanted to bring the whole story up until KHII together.
-The two titles included as games will have trophy support. The controls in KH1 have been modified to be a little closer to the ones in KH2.
-He thought about making a full remake of 358/2 Days like Re:CoM, but that would have delayed starting work on the new title, so he included it in the form of something like a theatre mode. 70% of the main story has been put to video with freshly-recorded voicing, and they are currently working on around 100 scenes.
-KH for browser is not a title with an emphasis on story, but they are working in a set-up. You can enjoy the content as something completely separate from the main series. The card battling is different from Re:CoM. They are filling this title with new elements for this type of customisation-based title.
-(Regarding a HD version of KH2 and up) it would be unnatural not to.
-He thinks that because the series so far has been scattered over different consoles, there have been people who found it difficult to access sequels. Seeing as you will now be able to enjoy the story in HD quality right from the beginning, he would absolutely love for those who haven’t played yet to do so. Even those who have already played it all may make new discoveries regarding foreshadowing and lines that reference previous lines and such. He would be happy if this title turns out to be a ‘restart’ for the series.



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