28 September 2012


Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra: As the music used during the credits for KHII, this song is march-style + melody made from phrases from various themes-style. Just as with the credits music from the first title, the ‘march-style’ part was a request from Mr Tetsu. Actually, at first, when I heard “do a march”, I thought, “Huh? Why a march!??”. But, when you really think about what ‘march’ means, there is this bright cheery imagery of ‘(all the staff together) moving ahead, moving onwards’. I feel that is very fitting for the credits for Kingdom Hearts. Onwards, onwards, believing there is definitely a bright future ahead.
–Yoko Shimomura

Twinke Twinkle Holidays:
 Finally, the last comment I will write (that’s a bit lonely… ;
This last track is a bonus track taken from ‘drammatica -The Very best of Yoko Shimomura-‘, released in 2008. On this album were four tracks from the Kingdom Hearts series, but the other three made the ranking, and apart from parts of songs used in the medley, had already been recorded as original songs. And so, by process of elimination (haha), we went with this song, which had not been recorded as an original song. The track is a medley of the battle theme for Christmas Town in ‘Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +’, and the theme for the flying part in the Neverland stage in ‘Kingdom Hearts’. Game-wise there isn’t any connection. However, when we were choosing the tracks for the ‘drammatica’ compilation, I decided, let’s go with these two tracks as a medley! These two tracks are, to me, the ‘symbol of happiness in Kingdom Hearts’. Exciting! Fun! Happy!! Don’t those feelings come through in these songs~~?? They do, right~!? Tell me they do~~~!! (haha.) I wanted to end this ‘Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary FAN SELECTION’ CD with not a dark song, but a bright song. So, rank not-withstanding, isn’t it perfect!?
–Yoko Shimomura

“Well, thank you so much for following along and reading my drawn-out poor writing for this long.
Writing detailed individual comments isn’t my usual attitude, but your voices saying you wanted to read stories of memories from during production and explanations of the compositions and such reached me, so I challenged myself to do it this way this time.
When I first started writing I did feel lost for a bit, but as the updates increased, I heard many happy voices of people who were looking forward to it, and people who wanted to read more, and such.
Thank you so much! Thanks to you, even though this is later than we first planned (sweatmark), I was able to finish writing these right to the end.
It’s after release, and I hear that sales are going well.
To everyone who pre-ordered or purchased it without delay, and to everyone who voted in the poll, I am so very grateful. Thank you so much.
If I get the chance, I would like to try writing comments like these again. Next is… the 20th anniversary!? Well, we’ll just have to go that long (haha).
Lastly, to the people who have helped me with such powerful, warm support these ten years, Square Enix’s Mr Kawamori, Mr Noda, Mr Yamazaki, Mr Ishimoto, Mr Sekito, and, Mr Tetsu, all the project managers, everyone in the team, all the production staff, everyone in PR, and, and, there are too many to write here, so many so many many many people who have supported me and made me able to write as many songs as I have. Thank you so, so, soooooooooo much!
And, to you, looking at this comment now, here is love and gratitude from my heart.
Thanks for 10th Anniversary!!”



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