13 August 2012


4 thoughts on “13 August 2012

  1. Shazi

    are you still translating? because if you are i would love to read the series! i will happily convert them into ebook formats for you if you would like as well =)

    • Yes, I am still going, when life and study aren’t keeping me busy! Right now I am working on the last volume of the KH2 novel series, and after that I will finish the BBS novel series, unless I get the DDD novels. Then those will be my top priority, haha. I hadn’t thought about ebooks! I’m not sure I’d like that right now, because I like to keep track of where my work is being posted and read, mainly in case I ever need to delete everything, like for example if the copyright holders ever take issue with what I do. I don’t make any money from this and it’s all done out of love so I don’t see why they would, but if it did it would he hard to assure that everything was taken down if I had made it easy for people to download and spread them… Thank you so much for the offer though!

      • Shazi

        i don’t mean to sell, just as an option for people to download. i read a lot on my kindle rather than on PC because of the eye strain the computer gives. i understand your feelings on distribution though, i would hate for you to haev to take everything down

  2. I know you didn’t mean sell them, I just mentioned the non-profit thing as part of why I think the copyright people aren’t likely to have issues with what I do. Even so, just in case, I don’t think I would want to put download options on my site just in case. (Especially since, even though nobody publishes these novels in the West right now, they might in the future…) But, if you do make your own pdf for your own use I don’t see anything wrong with that :) especially if it strains your eyes D; Thank you very much for your lovely comments!

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